7 Reasons to Work With Alesia Barnes

7 Reasons to Work With Alesia Barnes

As one of the top vacation destinations in the world, Oahu real estate is also one the most sought-after. Pristine white-sand beaches, rugged mountains, and cascading waterfalls contribute to the island’s stunning natural scenery. With Honolulu as the central hub of Hawaii, the island offers residents and visitors first-rate entertainment and a vibrant art, culture, and culinary scene. Oahu is also home to exclusive country clubs, championship golf courses, and world-class spas. Having a home here is akin to owning a piece of paradise.

While property ownership in Oahu comes with many advantages, it’s important to note that the home-buying process can be complex. Real estate transactions involve a network of professionals, including agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, title companies, and insurers. There’s the maintenance and management that comes with owning property, as well as local laws and regulations pertaining to specific locations. The knowledge and expertise of a local real estate agent are critical in ensuring real estate transactions go smoothly. Here are seven reasons to work with Alesia Barnes.

She comes with local real estate market knowledge

As a local real estate agent, Alesia Barnes brings with her extensive knowledge of specialized markets. She can provide you with the most up-to-date market information on homes for sale in Oahu, including recent “comps” or comparable sales and current pricing trends. She has information on current inventory levels, average days on the market, buyer and seller activity, and other relevant data.

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, all of this information is crucial. As a seller’s agent, she can help you determine the fair market value of your property. Or, as a buyer’s agent, she can help you decide on an appropriate offer to submit on a property you’re interested in.

Alesia can give you location and neighborhood insights

Alesia Barnes is fondly referred to as “Ms. Aloha.” Not only does she embody the Hawaiian spirit of family and hospitality, but her experience in representing buyers and sellers of distinguished properties throughout Hawaii has made her an expert on the best locations on the island.

While she lives in Lanikai, she works with luxury properties all over Oahu, including Waikiki, Diamond Head, Kailua, Pearl City, the North Shore, Kahala, and numerous other neighborhoods. She can give you insights into each one, along with nearby amenities, recreation, and top-rated schools. This knowledge will help you find a location and a property that will suit your preferences and lifestyle.

She provides Compass Concierge services

If you are a home seller, Alesia Barnes can help you with a wide range of services from Compass Concierge. These services include professional staging and photography for your home. As a Compass agent, Alesia can help you determine which services can deliver the most return on your investment.

Compass Concierge can also front the cost for home improvements with no interest, so you won’t have to worry about upfront costs. The program is designed to sell your home faster and for a higher price. And as your Compass agent, Alesia will be by your side throughout the whole process. 

Alesia Barnes can connect you with a network of real estate professionals

Working as a broker, entrepreneur, and real estate investor has allowed Alesia Barnes to build up a network of industry professionals, including lenders, advisors, and contractors. Whether you are selling or buying a home, real estate professionals are beneficial in facilitating the entire process. Alesia can connect you with her network or give you reliable recommendations for additional services you may need.

She’s a skilled negotiator

One of the most challenging factors in a real estate transaction is negotiating the terms, especially if you don’t have experience in the industry. Alesia Barnes has been involved in high-stakes real estate transactions that have honed her negotiation skills over the years. She possesses excellent communication skills and understands the art of persuasion. She will advocate for your best interests by securing the most favorable terms and conditions for you.

Whether she is representing you as a seller or a buyer’s agent, she will strive to negotiate the price, contingencies, closing costs, repairs, and other aspects to your advantage. You can also rest assured that Alesia will represent you in real estate negotiations that involve multiple parties, multiple buyers, other agents, and industry professionals. She’s very adept at managing conflicts and finding resolutions.

Alesia can increase your market exposure

As a seller’s agent, Alesia Barnes can effectively market your listing to a number of potential buyers. She has a wide range of marketing channels at her disposal. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and unmatched industry expertise, she’s very adept at using online platforms, exclusive listings, social media, off-market listings, hosting open houses, and reaching out to her professional network. Your property is guaranteed to attract a wide range of buyers.

Alesia will also make to produce quality marketing materials for your property, including high-resolution photos and videos taken by professionals. She’ll highlight the best and most unique features of the property to help capture the attention of potential buyers. Quality marketing materials will enhance the visual appeal of your property and help increase its market value.

She works with veterans

With the military presence and thriving defense industry sector in Oahu, Alesia Barnes has extensive experience working with veterans. She has knowledge of specific benefits and support available to veterans and ex-military personnel. She can guide you through the whole eligibility process. Over the years, she’s helped many veterans finance their home purchases through the VA Home Loan program. She can connect you with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Adaptive Housing Grants or other financial resources that you may be eligible for.

Contact Alesia Barnes

If you want to work with the best, contact Alesia Barnes today. She represents buyers and sellers of luxury properties, providing the most exceptional concierge-level services. Her clients are her priority, and she works with passion and dedication to help them meet their real estate goals. This passion and ambition have helped her rank as a top real estate agent-broker in the state of Hawaii.

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Alesia’s marketing and advertising expertise, network of connections, industry partnerships, superior market knowledge, and exclusive client base have rocketed her into the Top 25 REALTORS in Hawaii.

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